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Welcome to Super E-Bikes

Where we’re charging ahead to a greener, faster, and more exciting future! If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for innovative transportation, our Super E-Bike franchise is revved up and ready to take you on a thrilling ride to success. It’s time to shift into high gear and embrace a future of continuous growth!

What sets Super E-Bikes apart is our exclusive rights with manufacturers, giving you an unrivalled edge in the market. While others only offer sales, we go the extra mile with a full-service department. We believe in comprehensive training, ensuring that our franchisees ride with confidence. Consider us your pit crew fine-tuning for peak performance. 

Investing in a Super E-Bikes franchise isn’t just a smart move; it’s a turbocharged opportunity. Our business model offers multiple investment options, allowing you to choose the perfect lane to kickstart your journey. The global electric bike market is projected to reach a staggering $118 million by 2030, and we’re here to embrace the demands of today’s modern vehicle buyers. 

With a Super E-Bikes franchise, you can become a part of reshaping the way we move and making a positive impact on our planet today! 

A Tale of Trailblazers

Super E-Bikes is the ultimate destination for electric scooters, off-road toys, and more. With two flagship locations, we’re ready to power up the roads of Canada and beyond! At Super E-Bikes, we offer a cutting-edge dealership experience like no other, where change meets eco-consciousness and fun intersects with practicality.

Whether customers are commuting through the city streets or craving adventure, our innovative products and exceptional service keep them riding high. We believe it’s time to break free from the limitations of traditional transportation and embrace a more exhilarating way to move. So are you with us or what? 

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